Vesna Kuzmić

Vesna Kuzmic is an awarded Slovenian actress of Serbian descent, she used to live in Moscow for a while but currently she is based in Madrid.


Vesna Kuzmic is a professional film, television and theatre actress. She is best known for her roles in popular Slovenian TV series such as “Reka Ljubezni” (2018-2019), “Truplo” (2018-2019) and “LP, Lena” (2018-2020), “Ja, Chef” (2021). One of her latest film roles was Leonor Fini in docudrama Through My Eyes (2022). She has also performed in various theatre productions in Slovenia and Moscow, including theatre performance “The Little Match Girl” (Mini Theatre, Slovenia) for which she won a best actress award at 32nd International Theatrical Festival “Valise” in Poland (2019).
Vesna finished her acting studies from Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television – AGRFT in Slovenia in 2015. She then won a scholarship to study acting in Russia and was accepted into one of their top theatre schools – The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts – GITIS in Moscow. She earned her MA degree in acting and graduated with honors in 2017. Vesna has always had a passion to travel and study foreign languages. While living and studying in Moscow, she learned to speak Russian fluently. She is also fluent in English and Serbian and speaks intermediate French and Spanish. Her native language is Slovenian. At the moment Vesna is living and working in Madrid.


Languages: Slovenian (native), English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Serbian (fluent), Croatian (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), French (intermediate)
Music instruments: Transverse Flute (6 years of music school)
Singing: Mezzo Soprano
Dance: Modern (basic), Contact Improvisation (good), Butoh (basic)
Sports: Horseback riding (basic), Kung Fu (basic), Pilates (good), Yoga (good), Running (good) Hiking (good), Cycling (good) Volleyball (good), Table tennis (good), Babington (good), Ice Skating (basic), Roller skating (basic)


2022 “THROUGH MY EYES”. Dir. Igor Vrtacnik. Prod. Film Horizont & RTV Slovenia. “Leonor Fini” / Supporting. 2021 “C'EST FINI?” (Short). Dir. Valerya Saraykina. Prod. Milena Jaksic & Vesna Kuzmic (Russia, Serbia, Slovenia). “Aleksandra” / Lead.
2021 “JA CHEF” (TV Series). Dir. Marko Nabersnik. Prod. Pro Plus (Slovenia). “Diana” / Guest Star.
2020 “AFTERTIME” (Short). Dir. Sophya Katulska. Prod. Kruh in vino (Russia, Italy, Slovenia). Lead.
2020 “MAD TEA PARTY” (Short). Dir. Domen Kosir. Prod. UL AGRFT (Slovenia). “Alice” / Lead.
2019 “CORPORATION” Dir. Matej Nahtigal. Prod. Lignit Film (Slovenia). “Archivist” / Principal.
2018-2020 “LP, LENA” (TV Series). Dir. Ema Muc, Gaja Möderndorfer. Prod. Pro Plus (Slovenia). “Lara” / Recurring.
2018-2019 “TRUPLO” (TV Series). Dir. Luka Stigl. Prod. Squareme & Pro Plus (Slovenia). “Sara Tomsic” / Recurring.
2018-2019 “REKA LJUBEZNI” (TV Series). Dir. Nejc Levstik. Prod. Pro Plus (Slovenia). “Petra Majcen” / Recurring.
2018 “KARTOTEKA” (TV Series). Dir. Sven Begovic. Prod. Planet TV (Slovenia). “Ljubica Ulcar” / Co-Star.
2017 “KSANA”. Dir. Dejan Babosek. Prod. Narayan & Snaut (Slovenia). “Mama” / Principal. 2016 “FLET” (Short). Dir. Mark Pirc. Prod. VA Collective (Slovenia). “Anja” / Lead.
2015 “VERITAS” (Short). Dir. Artur Felicijan. Prod. Felicijan Sedmak (Slovenia). Lead.
2014 “TO NI ZGODBA O LJUBEZNI” (Short). Dir. Mark Pirc. Prod. Setup (Slovenia). “Anja” / Lead. 2014 “NUR” (Short). Dir. Kaja Tokuhisa. Prod. RTV Slovenia. Principal.
2012 “THE AFTERS OF A FUNERAL” (Short). Dir. Nikolaj Vodosek. Prod. UL AGRFT & RTV Slovenia. “Glorija” / Lead. 2010 “GETTING THERE” (Short). Dir. Blaz Zavrsnik. Prod. UL AGRFT (Slovenia). Lead.
2010 “SMEHLJAJI” (Short). Dir. Boris Dolenc. Prod. Perfo (Slovenia). “Tjasa” / Supporting.
2010 “STUDENT VOUCHERS” (Short). Dir. Peter Hvalica. Prod. Peter Hvalica (Slovenia). “Brecht Iluzic” / Principal.


Vesna Kuzmić
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